Boar's Head Provisions

We have been producing videos and graphics for Boar's Head for over 8 years and consider them to be one of our best clients.  The Boar's Head operation is top notch with passionate, hard working people up and down the ranks.

The examples here are of a couple of the more fun things we were able to produce for them.

Columbus, OH is a video introducing the people and technology behind an enormous factory conversion.  In order to impress the sense of commitment and pride of the employees working on the project, we asked them to capture some stills and video footage on their own and then incorporated as much of it as we could in the final assembly.

Convoy was both a promotional piece and a celebration where we stationed camera operators thoughout Manhattan to capture the 23 truck long convoy of local Boar's Head distributors riding from Harlem to Wall Street.

Columbus, OH

Manhattan Convoy